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Android Bible App

A Great Bible App

iPad Bible App Someone has donated the sum of $25,000 to Faith Comes by Hearing out of Albuquerque, NM. in the name of the Oilfield Christian Fellowship. The donor expects us to use the different devices, (listening devices with the Old and New Testaments in nearly 900 languages and dialects.) with folks who travel to different countries to work in the oil business.

Our speaker today was Ken Edwards, a representative of FCBH and his story and how to use the devices is well worth the listen and I would recommend him to you as a speaker one day.

iPhone Bible AppFor a look see, get the free app. to get a flavor of what I am talking about. In our audience today was Justin Stone, a drilling manager for Anadarko and he told us how he used the largest of the devices, The Proclaimer, many times in the three years he was in China sharing the Gospel there.

There is so much more to tell you about how these devices help in reaching the world for Christ, but I will let Ken tell you. But a personal story from two weeks ago at MD Anderson:

A Christian nurse from the Philippines was preparing me for a test and I asked her if she had ever heard of and she hadn’t. I pulled up the web site with my phone and asked her what her language was and she said “Tagalog”. I then said, “no, what is your dialect?” Surprised, she said, I am from northern Philippines and I speak Ilokano. I then proceeded to look for Ilokano and when it appeared she said. “That’s it!!” But when I tried to play it, it would not work and I found out today why it wouldn’t. But if it had worked she would have heard the New Testaments in her own dialect. (When Ken came today, he suggested I uninstall and reinstall and sure enough, I listened briefly to the Gospel of John in Ilokano.)

Now why is this important one might ask. Ken explained that while she understands Tagalog, she hears it with our head, but upon hearing the New Testaments in her dialect, she hears God’s Word with her heart.

And this is just one of the neat things about this web site now available around the world free to everyone and is linked on our web site home page.

Something cool. FCBH has a way of monitoring who listens in and what countries and dialects and guess what, the biggest hits are coming from the Muslim countries.

God is at work!!! If you know of anyone will be working overseas and needs one or more of these devices, let me know. And one last thought. We have guys working on American rigs who like so many other young people would rather listen to the Bible rather than read it, so there is a need here as well.

Check out, the best way to read, listen to, and see the Bible like never before.