Board Members

OCF Permian Basin- Board Positions

Board Mission Statement:  The desire here is to get dedicated people that want to serve to their gifting to make OCF Midland successful in reaching as many oilfield people for Christ as possible and move them into becoming a disciple that walks with God.


Wes Adams Treasurer  Here
Damian Barrett Director, Speakers  Here
Luke Blackwell  Here
Blake Bredemeyer Chaplain  Here
Sarah Bredemeyer Chaplain, Secretary, Twitter, Facebook  Here
Ceresa M. Callender  Communication, Speakers, Speaker/ Announcer  Here
Howard L. Callender  Here
David Fowler  Assistant Treasurer, Fundraising  Here
Kyle Groves Membership, Database, Secretary  Here
Brad Henderson Advertising (Radio)  Here
Aaron Hunter Advertising (Email)  Here
Dean Jarrett Evangelist Here
Jay Lindsey  Advertising (Newspaper)  Here
Barry Loyd  Here
Todd Matelski Event Setup  Here
Greg Moore Invitations, Speakers  Here
Don Rose Fundraising  Here
Chris Snider Meeting Place & Food Coordinator, Event Setup  Here
Wayne Stratton Website, Photographer  Here
Chad Terry Webmaster  Here